Waitress Prices

Topless Waitress (min 2hrs) $110 p/hr

Whether you want our sexy girls to serve drinks, deal poker or just entertain they will be sure to add some excitement to your party or bucks night.

Nude Waitress (min 2hrs) $170 p/hr

Having a gorgeous girl wearing nothing but high heels and a smile is definitely the best way to please your party guests!

The Tickler Package (3 hrs) $340

If you are one who enjoys the anticipation then this package is for you. For the first hour the girl waitresses in sexy lingerie, the second hour just her underwear and the third wearing nothing but her smile. The interest never waivers and all bets are on whether she is bald or has a landing strip!!!

Lap Dances (10 minutes) $100

As an extra with any topless or nude waitress booking you can pay a little extra and get a lap dance to nude right there at your party.  Why not treat your buck or birthday boy with a sexy lap dance.

Lingerie/Bikini Waitress (min 3hrs) $80 p/hr

Perfect for events such as mixed parties, promotional work and golf days. Our sexy girls wrapped in stunning lingerie or skimpy bikinis will impress, entertain and serve.